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Principal As the Principal of Sembach Elementary School, I welcome you! I look forward to working with you in partnership to produce the greatest quality education possible for you and your child. At Sembach Elementary School, I hold the belief that everybody is somebody and that everybody is making a difference. I challenge you to become a vital part of your child's education as he or she soars to success! Sembach Elementary School is made up of PreK - Grade 3; therefore, it is essential that our children acquire the necessary skills during their earliest stages of development. Our mission is to create a child centered environment that reflects concern and respect as we foster life long literacy.

We promote Character Education by believing that all children are capable of learning how to problem solve and to behave appropriately in various situations. Children are taught how to be safe, respectful, caring, responsible and loving. Good behaviors are consistently recognized.

Our children gain knowledge of basis concepts and skills during their earliest stages of development. As our young learners develop into mature learners, these skills and concepts develop into more complex meanings. Because children learn through play and discovery, learning activities should be meaningful, challenging and age appropriate. This is extremely important during their growth and developmental stages. Children should be provided the opportunities to experience and explore using a variety of hands-on manipulative.

DoDEA's Community Strategic Plan outlines four goals, along with expected outcomes. Highest Student Achievement being the #1 Goal. This goal clearly states that all children will meet or exceed challenging standards in the academic contents. In order for us to exceed in this goal, we must plan activities, which are developmentally age-appropriate for our children. Again, these activities must be fun, interesting, meaningful and challenging. These activities exceeds throughout the developmental stages as our children grow and learn.

Reading plays a very important role in promoting highest student achievement. Remember, reading is fundamental. Early acquired reading skills contribute to mature successful readers! Read to and with your child daily. Reading is the key to success. It is a lifetime gift, which fosters academic success. At Sembach Elementary School, by teaching our children to read and by encouraging our children to read, we are giving our children the gift of life. Here, at Sembach Elementary School, we are always doing big things for little people!

Sonny Bertschinger, Principal