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Give Us Your Input

DoDDS-Europe and the Kaiserslautern District work to provide avenues for your voice to be heard:

1. We encourage parents to initially contact your child's teacher or school administrator directly with any questions.

2. The School Advisory Committee (SAC) at your local level exists as the key place for you to make your ideas and concerns known. Contact your child's school for more information.

3. The Interactive Customer Evaluation (ICE): This "comment card" system is managed by DISA but each submission comes to the DoDDS-Europe Area Office for immediate review.

4. Other advisory councils that help advise DoDDS-Europe and the District as listed below.

Advisory Councils

Parents, teachers, students, administrators, and military commanders share the responsibility to support the schools through advisory councils and boards. Participation in advisory councils and boards enhances and improves educational programs and services, as well as the overall quality of life shared by all Department of Defense (DoD) American overseas communities.

Dependents Education Council (DEC)

The DEC reports to the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Force Management Policy. Members include general or flag officers representing the commanders of unified combatant commands, major service commands and the military services. Council members make recommendations on policy matters relating to facilities, logistics and administrative support provided to Department of Defense Dependents Schools (DoDDS) by the military services.

Advisory Council on Dependents Education (ACDE)

The ACDE recommends programs and practices that ensure a quality educational system to the Secretary of Defense and the Department of Defense Education Activities (DoDEA) Director. Members include representatives of education institutions and agencies, professional employee organizations, parents of DoDDS students and one DoDDS student.

European Schools Council (ESC)

The ESC is composed of European Command Army, Air Force, Marine Corps and Navy representatives. ESC work with subordinate command representatives to develop programs for improving dependents' education and recommend helpful initiatives to the DoDDS-E Director. The ESC chairperson also represents the European Command on the ACDE.

Area Advisory Council (AAC)

The AAC meets twice yearly and is comprised of military command, parent, education and civic organization representatives from across Europe. The AAC advises the DoDDS-E Director on educational and logistical issues affecting dependents' education in Europe.

District Advisory Council (DAC)

The DAC advises the district superintendent on matters of interest to the district.

School Advisory Committee (SAC)

The SAC is composed of an equal number of locally elected parents and full-time professional school employees and may include a senior high school student enrolled in the school. The SAC advises its school principal on all local school-related matters, including educational programs, resources, services and policies. Issues unresolved at the school level may be elevated to the DAC.